Over 12 years HB Innovation has been dreaming a faultless (100% perfect) Algorithm of Face Recognition since 2002, which is realized, and developed many sorts of solutions: Character Information Searching Solution, Criminal (Missing Persons) Finding Solution, Customer .. and more

And, we began looking for customer, distributor and business partner who need our developed solutions all around the world.


  • 2002 – Established
  • 2006 – Developed a solution of background elimination
  • 2007 – Developed a video solution of QOOK TV clear skin, and a solution for Cosmetic transfer
  • 2008 – Developed web-based hyper-video publishing solution
  • 2009 – Developed a video quality on based SR and VR
  • 2010 – Developed a solution for a security-surveillance-robot  to recognize a video
  • 2011 – Developed a solution for POS object recognition
  • 2012 – Developed DID (Digital Signage) on elevator, and a solution for a sleepy driver recognition
  • 2013 – Certificated by KISA on human face at the first in Korea, and a CCTV monitoring to search a human face, and a masking technology for private information, and an automatic door control based on face recognition, and DID (Digital Information Display) viewer recognition & a counting on floating population at entrance and exit, and a partner of axis’s ADP (Application Development partner), and constructing a real-time meta-data service based on face  recognition, and developed a solution for POS(Point-of-Sales) exposure analysis system
  • 2014 – Developed a program of face-recognition for Android board, and selected a solution supplier of face recognition in Dream Concert (an International Korean-style Trend Festival)

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